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Company Introduction

Foshan MG Company Limited is affiliated with MG Holdings Group Limited specializing in manufacturing and exporting mosaic tile, glass tile,

ceramic tile, sanitary ware and other building materials. MG Company is large-scale international building materials enterprise that combines

R&D, production, sales and service of one-stop business.
Our factory and office are located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China.

Main products - Glass mosaics (OEM&ODM):
1)Pure color&color blend crystal glass mosaic tile
2) Normal lattice shape mixed-color mosaic tiles
3) Rectangle & irregular shape mixed-color glass mosaic tiles
4) Gold & silver thread painted shinning mosaic tiles
5) Natural shell & crystal glass mosaics tiles
6) Natural stone & crystal glass mosaics tiles
7) Electroplated on crystal glass mosaic tiles
8) Ceramics & crystal glass mosaics tiles
9)Cold spray&Alloy glass mosaics tiles
10) Metallic & stone mosaics tiles
11) Hand painting mosaics tiles
12)Swimming pool mosaic tiles
13)Customized design mosaic tiles pattern
14)......We do customized commissioned works to meet the clients and interior designers high standards and expectations.
We sincerely welcome interested guests to visit our factory and develop mutually beneficial cooperation.