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Group Strategy

We design, manufacture, stock, package, and ship all of our unique mosaics by ourselves. This keeps the price low for you, while fostering a strong sense of accountability amongst our staff. We can also accept customers ODM and OEM business.
Our professional quality assurance and production team pay attention to details and committed to providing the best quality with affordable pricing to our clients. Our hard work has earned high reputation among our customers thus we are continuing to grow and went through the toughest time in the economic downturns in the past.

"What we can do for you" is the question we always ask and whatever your request is, the “can do” attitude is what distinguishes us from the crowd. Just like finding a great partner in life, husband or wife in China, it is not hard to find factory at all, it is hard to find a reliable, responsible one with all the merits like great pricing, great quality, fast lead time and the design capability as well the quick turnaround time for your samples whether is your own idea or ours.

To be specific, our biggest strengths and advantages are as follows:
Pricing: with the economic scale and well-managed quality assurance system, ERP system in place, we can beat most of our peers. Try us out to send me your product list, or samples to try us out. When we see your product photos or samples with your RFQ, we can give our quote to you within 24 hours!
Quality: If you really understand the manufacturing reality in China, those manufacturing certificate like ISO9001 or whatsoever (Well, we ourselves do have multiple ones ):, these are just papers! And people can get whatever certificates they like by paying money! Unpleasant truth!
What really matters is: do you have people really understand quality? Do you take control of your quality from the sources of your materials? Do you provide good training to your workers? Do you understand the safety and quality compliance of your targeted market? Do you have SOP (standard operating procedures) in place to prevent errors and mistakes from happening? Do you do inline inspection and set up your procedure to build the critical check point to check your product quality?
Our answers to the above are all: YES! YES! YES!
If your current supplier is answer is no or they do not even know what you are talking about, then you probably need to talk to us.
Lead Time: The production cycle is usually 1 month, but we can push the limit to 2-3 weeks if needed. Although it is not ideal since we respect our workers and do not drive them to do overtime all the time, it can be done if needed. However, we do need to see on the case by case situation.
Superior Client Service: We not only provide OEM service, but ODM too. ODM means we can take your idea from scratch, envisioning your thoughts into reality – a sample. Or we can take your design to make a sample for your approval. Our turnaround time to make a new sample for you is usually 1 week. Try us out and you will be amazed how fast our turnaround is!
No matter how hard we work, things will sometimes still happen. Whenever that happens, we commit to quick response and being proactive to fix any issues that may arise. Our attitude is “can do and will do immediately”.
Thank you very much for visiting our site. MG Holdings Group Limited welcomes you to visit us at anytime.