Congratulations to MG Mosaic the 25th foshan ceramic fair a comp

Addtime:2016-01-07 15:19:17

April18The first,25The foshan ceramic fair officially opened, in addition to the exhibitors continuance, marketing all kinds of "eyeball economy", along with the segmentation character such as setting wall ceramic tile increase in the number of exhibitors,Make the exhibition site,All kinds of personalized products show become a mainstream
MG innovation, stunning appearance 3D Vitreous brick and 3D Mosaic is also taking part in the pageant, is also the world's first launch 3D Vitreous brick and 3D Mosaic In the factory.The 3D products are awarded the national invention patent, utility model patents, is unique in the market.

The 3D product launch, attracted many curious and fresh customers, a lot of foreign visitors are also very interested in 3D product, have come to understand market and new business opportunities.For MG, for the first time 3D product shows very good results have been achieved, MG will deliver the product to do better.