EU intends to strengthen ceramic materials in contact with food

Addtime:2016-01-17 11:11:51

     European Commission to develop a new proposal, intended to strengthen the ceramic ware in contact with food range and requirements.
The proposal to develop food contact ceramics of lead and cadmium in new limits, new measures included in food contact materials and articles legislation Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 section (5) under the terms, will replace the existing instruction.
Directive 84/500/EEC new proposal
Range of ceramic ware in contact with food 1 ceramic materials in contact with food and products.
(2) contact with food, with a glaze, enamel and decorative products made of a ceramic material
Categories Category 1 • Do not fill materials and objects
· May be filled, but the internal depth (measured from the lowest point to the horizontal plane through the upper edge) of the object does not exceed 25mm.
In addition to Category 1 and Category 2 Category 3 items can be filled outside
Category 3 · Cooking utensils
· Capacity> 3L packaging and storage containers
Requirements (migration) Category 1 ≦ 0.8mg/dm2 (Pb) ≦ 0.002mg/dm2 (Lead)
≦ 0.07mg/dm2 (Cd) ≦ 0.001mg/dm2 (Cd)
Category 2 ≦ 4.0mg / L (lead) ≦ 0.01mg / L (Pb)
≦ 0.3mg / L (Cd) ≦ 0.005mg / L (Cd)
Category 3 ≦ 1.5mg / L (Pb) ≦ 0.0038mg / L (Lead)
≦ 0.1mg / L (Cd) ≦ 0.0019mg / L (Cd)
Determined according to ISO6486 edge
Other Requirements Compliance Statement Compliance Statement
Effective date of 1984 in the European Union after the first official announcement on the 20th
Note: mg/dm2 milligrams per square decimeter mg / L milligrams per liter